Monday, July 23, 2007

Thor's Magical Hammer: Mjolnir

Written by Kal-El

As a special info piece this week, we kick off with Mjolnir, is the Magical Hammer wielded by Thor that gives him many of his powers and abilities.

Mjolnir can only be wielded by those that are deemed "worthy". Mjolnir is the enchanted hammer wielded by the Marvel hero: Thor. It was forged by the legendary Troll weaponsmith Geirrodur and made from the mystical ore Uru. It has a long wooden hilt, and ends with a thong to secure it around the bearer's hand. Mjolnir bears the following inscription:

[Mjolnir's inscription]

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor"

As the inscription states, only those the enchantments of Mjolnir deem worthy may even lift the hammer. Some who have been able to wield Mjolnir with likes of Odin, Thor, Captain America, Awesome Android, Thunderstrike, Beta Ray Bill, Buri, Superman, Wonder Woman, Red Norvell, Hulk and Dargo Ktor. The ability to wield Mjolnir is not necessarily permanent, and may also depend on need. It was even stated that Superman was able to lift Mjolnir for only a short period of time.

Anyone holding Mjolnir possesses certain powers and abilities. Often the subject's clothing will transform into Asgardian armor similar to Thor's, and their strength and durability are altered to match that of the god. Mjolnir is extremely durable although the most extreme stress or damage from other Uru-based weaponry can cause it damage. It can be used to strike an opponent or target with great force. It can produce devastating blasts, can absorb and redirect energy, and can command the elements of the storm when stamped twice on the ground. If thrown, Mjolnir will return to the bearer even after striking an opponent. Mjolnir can detect certain types of magic and enchantments, and has different properties when used against certain mystical or demonic elements. When swung above the head can open portals to other dimensions, and can also open temporal portals (this power has been lost). If swung by the hilt and let go (so that the bearer is holding the leather thong), one can achieve flight by being pulled behind the hammer including the ability to change direction mid-filght.

[ Thor: God of Thunder ]

While the bearer is in control of Mjolnir while they wield it, Odin has demonstrated a greater degree of control over it, and it can be manipulated to an extent by magnetism (as was the case with Magneto). Mjolnir has also been enchanted to appear as though it were other items. When Odin gave Thor the mortal form of Donald Blake, Mjolnir was given the form of an ordinary walking stick. As Donald Blake, Thor found the stick in a cave and when he struck it upon the ground he would transform into his Asgardian form.

[ Thor Corps ]

Thor Corps Several weapons have been created that were similar to Mjolnir. After being able to wield Mjolnir, and proving himself deserving, Odin forged Stormbreaker for Beta Ray Bill which has the same enchantments as Mjolnir (except only Bill can wield it). Thunderstrike's mace granted Eric Masterson some of the powers of Thor. Thor's brother Loki has also made copies of Mjolnir in the past, as can people permitted to use the forge Mjolnir was created in.

Recently Tony Stark and Reed Richards created a copy of Mjolnir for a cyborg clone of Thor that they created to decide the outcome of the Civil War. This copy most likely did not have the same powers as the original, and was technologically based rather than enchanted. It was, however, shown to generate concussive blasts of electrical energy (one of which was used to kill Bill Foster), and may have granted the wielder with the ability to fly (although since the clone of Thor was part robot it may have been the clone doing the flying and not Mjolnir).

Keep on reading dear fans, more and more coming up, as we dig in deep for more information only at the The House of El.

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